Attraction vs Respect

There is a difference between attraction and respect. Respect will leave the heart of the person with God. Attraction wants some of that heart for one’s self. When we respect another, true Godly respect will send us to Jesus, so we can experience what we see, what we like, in another. Lust is attraction of any kind. Attraction wants to experience some of the persons heart and attributes for themselves. You see this all the time in congregations. The men or women are listening to a male or female speaker and thinking “It would really be great to be married to them.” That is attraction, not respect. That is lust, not respect. To look at someone and say, “If I were younger and unattached, there would be no question,” is attraction/lust. What does that statement have to do with respect? Respect is gender neutral and, generally, attraction, is gender specific. So what is the point in understanding the difference? How do we confess if we don’t know what to confess? What if attraction to the spirituality of another is lust? Then, the solution would be easy. Confess it and move into respect. The lack of distinction between attraction and respect has led to much spiritual abuse. Believers are listening too much to men and not to God. Believers are following too many men and not Jesus. Respect will never let us go where attraction allows us to go. Respect keeps us following Jesus. Again, this idea is thinking outside the box, but it helps me understand why some get sidetracked.


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