Affairs are interesting things. Only about 10% marry the person with whom they are having an affair. Why? Generally, a mate will fulfill 70% or more of a person’s needs. An affair starts because of the search for the other 20%-30% of needs that are left unmet. These needs can comprise a variety of things: lack of conversation, sex, impulsiveness, stability, activities, or agreement. However, here is the hiccup: though an affair is started to meet the 30% unmet need, even if the 30% need is met, the other 70% of needs will not be met. Therefore, the affair doesn’t last, and if the person has already divorced, he or she will ultimately find another person that meets the same old 70% of need that the original spouse met. In essence, they will marry the same kind of person they divorced. The conclusion is to stay with your mate, realize that God doesn’t intend a person to meet all your needs, and then work out, to the degree possible, the meeting of that other 30% with your mate. If you are the victim of a divorce, remember that you were meeting at least 70% of the needs, and don’t listen to your offending former mate’s justification that you didn’t meet the full 100%. Who could?


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