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Use of Materials I am grateful for the message that God has entrusted to ALMI to proclaim throughout the world. In that context, I thank God for two basic revelations, the first being Christ in me the hope of glory. The second is more personal, that any revelation given by Him and subsequently copyrighted would be the last revelation received. I love the revelation of God. Knowledge drops into a person’s head, but revelation drops into the spirit. I do not think I could cope without revelation. This leads us to the ALMI position on materials. As I have said over and over again, everything is copyrighted, so copy it right. Legally I must copyright some things, since my publishers refuse to take something that is not copyrighted. However, I have specified that I have the right to permit people to copy. I nearly always say in a conference, “If you have heard something that sunk into your spirit, you now own it. Therefore, please do not quote me by referencing that ‘Mike said it,’ but simply say it.” The purpose of the ALMI material is to spread a message, a most wonderful message. It is not to generate income. However, the ministry that has produced these materials has come at a cost. I am grateful to the ALMI ministry team and those that have purchased materials; together they have permitted such a pursuit by financially supporting the ongoing work. That is why the materials are for sale at the Abiding Life website. However, we refuse to exclude anyone from the materials on the basis of income. Coming to the end of oneself is a prelude to seeing Christ as his sufficiency. Often people being ministered to have reached the end of their rope financially, too. The ALMI support team and I agree from conviction that these materials should be available to you. Therefore, if you cannot afford them, please go to and there you will find our materials at no cost. If you are able to give a donation to the ministry of ALMI, amen; if not, amen. There have been times in my life when I could give nothing; I understand. Thank you, Michael Wells


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