New Sidetracked in the Wilderness Study Guide

New Sidetracked in the Wilderness Study Guide
Hannah Morrell has written a new Sidetracked in the Wilderness study guide which is available now in the Resources section of our website.  The introduction is posted below.
When I met Mike, I was struck by how genuine he was. In all my encounters with the Christian world, most of the time I left frustrated at the hypocrisy of the whole thing and how miserable believers were, even though they wanted me to do what they were doing and be miserable with them! Mike was different. He got to know me and really cared about me. He spoke about Jesus like He was Someone he really knew. He worked so hard but had a peace that I could not explain. Mike walked with me as I began to get the revelation of this abiding–that I was attached to the Vine, and if I allowed the Vine’s Life to flow through me, I would have the rest and peace for which I had been striving my whole life. It is such a simple thing, but not at all easy. I get to walk with Jesus and receive Life from Him. The God of the universe wants me to know Him. What an amazing revelation and life-changing gift!
When Betty asked me to write this study guide, I had no clue where to start. I realized, though, that a study guide is a way of personalizing the message of the book, and as I read this powerful book again, I saw the questions the Lord had brought during times when I was counseling others or was walking through some things in my own life. These are the questions I have put in the study guide, and I hope that they will allow you to have an encounter with Jesus that will show you His incredible love. I pray that you will know “remaining in the Vine” and experience this amazing Life. I know that was Mike’s hope, too, and continues to be his desire now in his face-to-face talks with Jesus.
                                                      Hannah Morrell, December, 2012

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