Hannah’s Christmas letter

Dear friends,

I am filled with gratitude as I think of how many of you have continued to support me through these years of ministry. Thank you for praying for me and for encouraging me with your notes, calls and emails. It is wonderful to truly realize the family of God, and to see it operate as such in supporting each of the members.

This year has been a busy one, as most are, I suppose. Our little man Corbin is almost 18 months old now, and I am enjoying this age. There are challenges (teething anyone?), but he is so full of personality and fun. Eric and I continue to be able to juggle our schedules so one of us is with him most days, with my mother-in-law helping as well on those days that will not allow for us to be there. Counseling is going strong, as there are always people who are stuck in a mess somewhere. I am enjoying watching Jesus be enough for each of those people in such individual ways. It is a huge joy for me to watch some walk with Him in a new and more intimate way. The revelation of their position in Jesus is very cool, rather than working to try to earn His love. There are some who are not yet ready for it, but I pray that the seeds are planted for the future.

In addition to counseling, I am working on several other projects. Betty and I are hoping to have the new study guide for Sidetracked in the Wilderness finished and at the printer’s by the end of the year. The diagram CD’s for all of the DVD series are also done and available on the website, allowing the viewer access to a complete personal power point presentation for use as they view the DVD’s or present them to someone else. I have also been playing IT person (all of you actual techies can laugh now!) and working on getting our network up and running at the office. Next year, I hope to do study guides for Problems, God’s Presence and Prayer, as well as Heavenly Discipleship. We are tossing around the idea of a women’s retreat at some point as well. Tim and Karen Lester will be starting training out of their house in Maryland, which will be a wonderful way to present material to people in a friendly and inviting environment. Overall, I am excited to see the way the Lord is continuing us on, as our future is always in His hand. We never demand that the ministry continue, as it is His thing and not our kingdom, but it is so fun to see Him continue it in a new way and to continue to be put in the place of weakness that demands that He show up or we fail.

Mike’s words echo in my heart often, and I still miss him dearly. The one-year mark of his death was difficult for me, and in some ways this second year has been harder than the first. Perhaps the shock has worn off, and perhaps it is just a different facet of grieving. Regardless, Jesus still carries us through. I have been so privileged to watch Betty as she grieves. She has a hard time some days, but she is never without hope.

There is a verse heard often around Christmas that really stuck with me when I saw it—“Behold, I bring you tidings of great joy.” (Luke 2:10) I don’t always have great joy, and I don’t really expect to most of the time. There is an expectation, though, that does not just extend to heaven, but is for today. I can have great joy today if I see Jesus and don’t get overwhelmed by my problems and allow them to become my focus. That is really how Jesus gets me out of my daily hell and allows me to live real Life. The thought fills me with a deep fulfillment, as this is what I really want those who come in for counseling to grasp. I want them to have hope for a joy that goes beyond the trials of today to see the One who holds us constantly and wants us to know Him, even in the hard times. It is an amazing revelation. Thank you for continuing to support us as we share this with others, and to grow in it ourselves.

Your friend,

Hannah Morrell


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