Michael Wells 1952-2011

In loving memory of

C. Michael Wells

7/30/52 – 10/10/11


Dear Friends,

It is with heavy hearts we share the news that the number of Mike Wells’ days has come. The Lord has taken him home. Although we miss Mike dearly, we rejoice in knowing that the love, compassion, grace and hope in Jesus that Mike so passionately shared with us will carry us through. Mike’s consistent message to us all, “there is nothing the nearness of Jesus cannot overcome,” is especially meaningful now.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Betty and the family. Although there are many of you with a desire to personally call Betty, please give the family time to focus on the many details that must be attended to. More information will be provided as this unfolds.

Cards and letters can be sent to PO Box 620998, Littleton, CO 80162-0998.

There are so many friends of the ministry that it is impossible to contact each of you personally. We hope you understand. We hope you understand.

With grateful hearts to all of our loving friends – from those he left behind at Abiding Life Ministries.

A memorial service will be held on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 from 1-4:00 p.m. at:

Foothills Bible Church
6100 S Devinney Way
Littleton, Colorado 80127-5403
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions to Abiding Life Ministries are welcome.


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  1. Thank you, Father, for the wonderful gift of Mike that you allowed all of us to have. Thank you, Mike, for being my friend, my mentor, and my brother. God worked and transformed so many lives through you. I am so blessed having known you. You truly were a most authentic brother and I miss you so, so very much. I know you would say, “Well, Amen.” but I selfishly had hoped to have you humanly here with us on earth for much longer. I will continually lift up in prayer Betty and the kids and the ministry staff. There’s nothing that the nearness of Christ cannot overcome.

    October 14, 2011
  2. To the Family of Michael Wells:
    Thank you for your sacrifice. Because of it, SO MANY were saved. I smile when I imagine what Mike’s homecoming must have been like. How many must have greeted him and thanked him for delivering these amazing, God-breathed truths.

    Because of Mike’s obedience to Christ, my ex-husband and I were reunited. Mike was instrumental in that process. I know our story is only one of thousands. What a blessing he was to so many!

    I often think of the first c.d. in the series “Bury Your Marriage”. There’s a part where Mike said people often ask if it’s hard for he and Betty to be apart so much. He said it is hard, but if he complained, he’d be complaining against God. Wow. How often I’ve had to remind myself that in my own life when I feel entitled to see my husband more. Mike was and remains to be, an inspiration to so many.

    Kyle and I will lift your family up in prayer and know that God will continue to supply your every need. I will remember forever Mike’s “Amen” message and what it means to yield to God’s will rather than shake my fist at God. We love you, Mike and family! We pray for God’s supernatural peace as you grieve the temporary loss of Michael. We are excited for the day we all see him again How amazing to know that he’s no longer tied by time, deadlines, and other stresses of this life here on earth!

    God Bless You All,
    Kyle & Susan Kirkwood

    October 15, 2011
  3. Having had a few days to process this…we would like to say as a couple and a family that Christ redirected the remainder of our steps on planet earth through His ministry via Mike and Betty Wells. We have a difficult time explaining the spiritual and emotional bond we have with them to folks unfamiliar with Abiding Life Ministries.We met Mike only once when he came to upstate NY many years ago, and became listeners and supporters. Thank you Lord for the season you gave us with Mike. Our hearts are aching at the loss, but what a wonderful thought that Mike is outside of time now, beholding Him face to face. Mike is not counting the days til he is reunited with his beloved wife, family, and friends. What a journey he has had, and we with him!

    October 15, 2011
  4. Love and prayers, Betty! May God richly bless you during this time as He holds you in the palm of His hand.

    October 15, 2011
  5. Mike introduced me to a loving Father and a redeemed life through Jesus Christ. I had been a “Christian” all my life but had not truly met my Lord and Saviour in a personal and saving way. My life today is rich in His love as I abide in Him through all of lifes joys, trials and tribulations. Thank you Mike and Abiding Life Ministries. thank you Betty for your love and sacrifice! In Jesus’s most precious name I write.

    October 16, 2011
  6. Nothing is missing.
    To all whom the Lord had brought him the purity of the gospel.
    We are glad to be part of something special that was at the heart of God and has given us.
    We feel so much to have being deprived of the fellowship of our beloved brother, but it will be for a short time.
    His legacy will be on the shoulders of those who carry with them the marks of Jesus, whose has his feet on the beauty of the gospel.
    As Mike said “the Word was not mine”, so, all of us have pieces of Jesus bonded in our hearts through the life our brother.
    For us, stay the tears for a short time and to continue taking the other parts of Jesus through Mike´s revelations.
    We will not be stopped because the love of God moves us, guide us, direct us.
    We will continue,
    Also even for a short time.
    For his part did not miss anything!
    Percival, Marilia, 15/10/2011.

    October 17, 2011
  7. Serge Tomash, Kiev, Ukraine. Dear friend and dear brother. Man of God. I thank God for what He has been doing through you and yet it’s not the end. The seed is alive. This is a piece of what Mike wrote me in March: “Brother, I will tell you what you know. The end is near. Exciting and more”. See you soon!

    October 17, 2011
  8. Dan and Sherin Kalpakoff, Bunbury, Western Australia.

    My wife and I feel for you Betty and your children for the loss of Mike – and our Christian guru. It did seem strange to have such deep revelational insight coming from a contemporary person but now that he has passed away I think it will make Mike’s Abiding Life message have even more impact in ours, and others lives. Having read almost all of Mike’s books and listened to almost all his CD’s and DVD’s we feel Mike left us a testimony of his life (which seems more biblical) than one who merely tries to teach God’s truth according to their own understanding of it. I think it is the stories of Mike’s personal struggles in life that remain with us more than his very helpful ‘Abiding in Christ’ theory.

    Mike, having lived a mere 60 years on earth, makes me glad now that I made the effort to attend a training seminar at Mt Alford, Queensland in 2009 and met Mike and Betty in person. They both seemed like, and would tell you they are just an average couple with the same faults and problems as you and I. A very real, and down to earth couple that preferred not to be looked up to by others.

    I briefly chatted with Betty a few times about good books. Betty, being an avid reader (and thinker personality) seemed like the woman behind the man who painstakingly edited Mike’s (feeler style) rough draft copy books and made his book become a reality. I was surprised when she did not suggest I read another of Mike’s books but suggested I read a newly released book by Dr Alex Mathew called ‘Beyond Techniques’. Not the easiest to read but very thought provoking. I realized a common thread in Mike’s style of counseling and Alex Mathew’s book, being that when a true counselor counsels someone, all worldly techniques become a hindrance to the process. Dr Alex and Dr Mike each have quite unique and very effective styles of counseling. I can understand why they were best of friends.

    I do hope that you, Betty, continue Abiding Life ministries and Mike’s work in some manner, shape or form. Even if it is just suggesting good books to read that Mike would have agreed with. Good practical Christian living books are hard to find today with so many pseudo Christian books out there today. We are both looking forward to reading Mike’s latest book. At least he left us all something to remember him by.

    Dan Kalpakoff

    October 22, 2011
  9. Thanks for everything, Mike. I’ll see you soon, brother! Betty, if there’s anything we can do for you or ALMI, please ask. My wife and I would be honored to help or serve. God bless you!

    November 15, 2011
  10. I only learned last night through the Abiding Life newsletter of Mike’s passing from life unto Life, and feel the loss today strongly. I was introduced to Abiding Life & Mike through the CD messages by a counselor I was seeing four years ago. I truly believe the message of pointing to Christ through the CD’s kept me from ending my own life, when I focus on Christ my problems don’t overwhelm me. I only had the opportunity to hear Mike speak in person two years ago when he came through Texas but I often share my CD’s with anyone who will listen to them. I pray for peace in the Wells family and the Abiding Life family, and thank our Lord daily for Mike’s influence in my life.

    November 16, 2011

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